Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There is no end to the Harvest!

There is no end to the "Harvest" weather it's from your fields or someone else's :o) I've always been told "Strike while the iron is Hot" and "Make Hay while the Sun Shines". A couple of my Mothers sayings I find true. Last time (Thanksgiving) sweet potato's were on sale, ($.27 lb)  and i got a few which I baked and put into the freezer..I had a couple of very large ones left and made french fries out of potato was more than I put some in the food saver bags and just put them into the fridge..they were there since Thanksgiving..but opening them was like I prepared them yesterday..I tell you Penny is saving me a lot of time and money..Today Cecil found them on sale ($.29 lb,) couple of pennies more, still good enough to "Harvest" :o)...I'm so frugal it's working me to pieces, there just is no rest. Went to the garden and plucked a meal of Rutabaga leaves for dinner..We will have some of the small Sweet potato's baked and that's dinner..I made Ham sandwiches for lunch out of that beautiful ham from Thanksgiving. (that I froze in those vacuum bags) I'm loving it.Guess I don't feel right if I'm not doing something and tiring myself out. Plus I'm working at the Loom, nothing worth showing as yet..I have to get into the swing of "Pattern, tabby" :o(  those that weave know a newbies plight.

Cecil went back for more of these bargain potato's ...he loves French Fries, especially Sweet potato french fries :o) Keeping him happy through his stomach :o) wish he were a rich man :o) I'd have two staircases :o) one going up and one going down :o)..I must need a nap ;o).
Now to rest a bit..then dry these up in a towel, put them into the foodsaver bags and vacuum them up. That will be after supper..which will be those fresh picked greens and baked sweet potato's ( the little small ones Cecil picked out first because he likes them sweet.. :o)
Now I have one more pan that I will do tomorrow...I may just dice and cook them before I freeze them..there isn't much room in that freezer :o( should have bought a bigger one like I thought in the first place. :o(
Update: All the fries have been vacuumed packed and put away into the fridge. I  had put away some fries like this during the Thanksgiving time..and they were just as fresh the other day when I deep fried them.. So I'm going to put one bag in the freezer just to "test" it. So I can see if I need to blanch before I freeze or if the vacuuming is good enough to save and for how long.  Your looking at 12 pounds of what we call Cub potato's (big ones #2-3) sliced for frying. now tomorrow I'll finish up the rest..How, I don't know yet :o). I forgot to tell you that I made sure the potato's were drained and towel dried before I put them into the bags,this way no water was left in the bags...Neat trick :o)


Mrs.Pickles said...

You sure are making things stretch this year!! Love it!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Mrs Pickles,
I've got the greens and potato's , Ohiofarmgirl has the meat..she has a good harvest this year from the pigz she raised..

Jody said...

Who can pass up such good deals. Your mother was a pretty smart lady. The vacuum packs will keep you in potatoes all winter long!

Annie's Granny said...

How lucky! I haven't seen sweet potatoes for less than 98 cents per pound lately. I think I'd lightly pre-fry the fries, then freeze them before packaging in the vacuum bags. That looks like what they've done to the ones I buy from Costco, then all I do is crisp them up in a 400F oven.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

i'd kick myself when I felt better if I didn't jump on that bargain :o).

Annie's Granny
I had to keep my eyes open since last year for them, seems they have the sale thanksgiving and Christmas when everyone is making pies and such..I thought about lightly frying, but the ones I did were so fresh once I opened them..I won't worry, Cecil will take care of eating them up before they can even think about spoiling :o)

Mr. H. said...

Wow, .29 is pretty amazing...good job. My much better half just picked up a few for .99 a lb.

Mamabug said...

I love sweet potatoes anyway they can be cooked! I've got to get busy picking my collards again tomorrow. I'm so excited my brocoli plants are finally making heads! Take a rest now and then Ginny!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

rest! what foreign language are you speaking :o) I couldn't let that bargain go by..I picked some Rutabaga leaves and I don't have enough for the winter and I thought I planted plenty :o(. My collards are going good, I'm so proud of them ( they are the ones I grew from seed and made the little pots for them..I'm grinning ear to ear..The freezer doesn't have much room..but I'm still squeezing things in it :o)

ladydi said...

Miss Ginny, I love that song from "Fiddler on the Roof" too! "One long staircase just going up, another little longer going down, and one more going nowhere just for show!"
Cecil is very rich - he has you!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

i love that song too, only I couldn't remeber all the words :o) thanks, I think I'll be humming it all day long since I have more potatoes to "can" :o) ...Yes, I agree with you, not only is he rich having me, he has also been blessed beyond words because of it :o).

Daisy said...

Your sweet potato fries look delicious, Ginny. I'm not surprised if you're tired after all of that. It made me tired just thinking about what all you did for this post. :D

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

it was a lot of work, and it really wears you out. The good part about it, is when you don't have to go to the store to make what you have "put away" ;o) and you always try to collect those bargains :o) makes me feel real good and frugal :o)