Monday, October 27, 2008

Work done underneath

Although I've made a few mistakes with this thing I notice is that once you get going it goes pretty's amazing how much gets done with every "pick" (I think that's the proper name for throwing the shuttle :o)
Anyway, where I made the mistakes I can fix it by turning them into items, with my serger I can make part of it into dish cloths :o) (grandma's know how to save stuff).


jillied said...
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jillied said...

Had to delete my first comment..spelling, you know.
You say the weaving goes pretty many "picks" does it take, for example, to do the blue stripe? It looks to me like it would take forever to do as much as you have done. Annnnnnnnnd....I don't see any mistakes! :-)

The Gingerbread House said...

Jilly, I'm glad you don't see any mistakes, but take it from me they are there:o)....with each blue stripe there are six Picks (throws) :o),Aren't you glad to have such a smart friend :o).....Ginny