Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Sock it Too Me Cake"

Yesterday was a busy time for me! For three days in a row I had some energy! I think I love my Dr. :o)
The Studio was so cozy that I began to straighten it up!< I worked just about all day moving stuff around....I didn't have to lift anything , it slid on the floor pretty good, I mean boxes of yarn and boxes of fabric, ye gads! I have a lot of stuff and swear I need every yard and skein :o(....Finally cleaned off my cutting table , it was holding stuff I was too lazy to put away...I felt good to have done something for a change...realized we needed a dessert, and I hadn't made a cake in a long I made the Sock it to me cake and it was so good we ate it like it was going out of style...Thought I'd better take a picture before I had no proof I made it yesterday :o)It's delicious, made with sour cream and pecans in it, Cecil didn't want the Glaze to cut down on the sugar..I agreed.


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

So glad you got a burst of energy! Something I have been needing for a while. My get up and go, seems to have gotten up and gone without me! LOL. Blessings, Kathleen

Dorothy said...

Could you bottle some of that energy and send it to me? I was kind of wiped out after having company for a few days and then about 30 people for lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

Deborah said...

Good for you getting some energy! What a gift. Sounds like you put it to good use too.

The Gingerbread House said...

Kathleen, that burst of energy was very appreciated and needed....I've used it up...wisely I think!
Dorothy, I wish it did come in a bottle ...I'd stock up :o), and I would share it with you :o)
Deborah, when you picked up your energy from the energy bank, I'm glad you left some for me! Ginny

The Gingerbread House said...

Dorothy, I finally got your blog to come up on my "Blogs to visit",
I did it again and again with determination ,Hooray for me! Ginny

ladydi said...

Come on, now, where's the recipe?? The cake looks too tasty not to try. :>} You know what they say, "life is uncertain, eat dessert first."

Daisy said...

I love pecans in just about anything!

Glad to hear you are feeling so well, Ginny! :D