Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another five Jars of "Prickly Pears"

The first 6 Jars of "Prickly Pears" were so good I decided that I should take the rest of the fruit off the Cactus and make more..while I was in the mood, and while the fruit was there. You never know what next year will bring (I'm judging that from last year) and besides when something taste good it doesn't stay in this house for long..and I thought  I'd better "Strike while the Iron was hot" :o)

With the second batch I added my own thing ...I used several leaves of Stevia that I grew,and about 4 whole Anise seeds (I hoped for more flavor) I also used less sugar with this second batch (on purpose) To see if "Stevia" would make a difference while using less sugar..I'm hoping it will also Gel as nicely as the first batch..If not I'll use it as "Prickly Pear Syrup" :o) waste not want not! .
I didn't take a picture of the second batch until I can mark the first ( to remember the difference). One day I may show the "Canning Closet" :o)
I will say I did the second batch in less time and with less effort...first I picked them off the Cactus...Singed them...and right into the sink full of cold water..Washed them with the brush (with gloves on :o) then put them right into the Food Processor and puree them seeds and all...then used a  Bowl like strainer to sit on top of a nice  size bucket so I could spoon it around and the juice would fall to the bottom (slime and all :o). I got 8 cups of juice to work with. My hands stayed clean and I was done at my leisure. I'm really earning my keep around here..


Daisy said...

You're a busy lady, Ginny! Good for you on finishing them up. That jelly will be a treat to enjoy later. :-)

cici said...

You have got me all interested in these pears. I asked my mom about them and she didn't know anything. She's from Louisiana♥ All she said was I am not surprised. I told her maybe we should give it a try.
I am raising my hand to see the canning closet♥

The Gingerbread House said...
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The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy, I'm enjoying it now, I had cream cheese and prickly pear jelly sandwich for breakfast :o) and I felt real special :o)

Cici, go ahead and give it a try! It's a load of work but like anything else it's rewarding after. and just think, ou will be able to "lord it" over Mom that you knew something she didn't :o) (for a change LOL